Hunting and fishing tourism


Villa Santa Maria l was built in the Rhodope elegant style and is located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. The picturesque charm along with the virgin forest peace and quiet can still be seen here, and the unique landscapes bring relaxation to your eyes, as well as enjoyment for the soul. Right from the moment of your arrival to the place for your holiday at “Villa Santa Maria” Hotel, you can breathe the scent of wild herbs and flowers, you can feel the breeze carrying small droplets of pure dew; you can be close to the true feeling of freedom and bliss, as imperceptibly feel the magic of the Rhodope Mountains. A paradise for fishing and hunting.

At the surrounding hunting areas you can see deer, wild boar, grouse, wild goat and mouflon. Here it can be hunted boar, mouflon, deer with gold medals.

In the dam water can be found carp, trout, whitefish, perch, rudd, catfish, crayfish and others.