The project is implemented as a balance between material and spiritual. Of course, it is meant to receive its guests, to provide an atmosphere that is close to home, to amaze visitors with its traditional local dishes and organic food, and of course, all our guests to be greeted with very positive attitude.
“Villa Santa Maria” is an opportunity to come to love the Rhodope Mountains and to discover many sights. The building is perched directly on an irresistible pond – Batak Dam and nearby there are interesting and exciting caves, chapels, Thracian sanctuaries, artifacts, historical and cultural attractions, wealth of thermal waters. The hotel enables the opportunity for implementation of a business project, but more importantly is that we strive to support the spiritual development of our guests, as well. How do we do that? … We offer various routes and organized tours of the sights of a different nature – cultural, historical, religious, natural and educational, alternative, fishing, and hunting. We are glad that we give our guests the opportunity to discover the magic of the Rhodope Mountains. And the energy that flows here is exclusive and unique. This is a conglomerate, a collection of much other energy, namely: exceptional nature; people’s lifestyle and traditions that are, fortunately, still preserved. That includes extremely interesting animals and rare species of flora. This is history and all these create special energy that charges all of us if a person wants to receive this nice, charging Bulgarian energy.
Set your senses and come to find Rhodope Mountains – more beautiful, more mysterious, and more magical. We will show you an enchanting place with the freshest scents, forest with unusual radiation and crystal lakes.